Sergey Grinin
This is not a custom post or promotion. This is just an attempt to describe the sensations of being. This is not just a hotel, a refuge ... This is a club of friends, like-minded people. This is a close-knit team to create home comfort, warmth, care, and a friendly atmosphere. Arriving here, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that I am in a comfortable chair by the crackling fireplace, carefully wrapped in a fluffy blanket ... And there are people nearby who are ready to meet you. I accidentally got to a jazz concert in a hotel restaurant yesterday. It was: homely, intelligent and very sweet. Waiter Aleksey, bartender in the lobby bar Sergey, girls at the reception ... Bravo! In many places, when you see different hotels and staff, you stop paying attention to the "stardom" of the hotel and pathos, and you begin to appreciate, as in the good old days, the care and warmth of the soul, the comfort and calm unobtrusiveness of the service, the desire of the staff not only to please the client, and the ability to create an atmosphere of peace, comfort, warmth. In general, all that we are so lacking in this busy life. Many thanks to the hotel management! This is not just gigantic labor and invested money. A soul and a great desire to share love are enclosed here, yes, it is love for people. Health, prosperity and all the best! It was good with you. P. S. That's honest, even when driving past your hotel, I involuntarily smile every time, remembering the happy hours of staying in this house. And here I am at home. Thanks you! If possible, I would like to have a small coffee machine in the lobby bar.
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